Air Transat July/August 2020 operations as of 21JUN20

Air Transat in the last few days further revised planned operation for summer 2020 season, as the airline completed schedule and aircraft update. Previously announced by the airline, the airline plans to resume scheduled passenger service from 23JUL20. Planned operation for the period of 23JUL20 – 31AUG20 as follows.

Montreal – Athens eff 27JUL20 1 weekly A330-200
Montreal – Bordeaux eff 02AUG20 2 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Cancun eff 25JUL20 1 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Cayo Coco eff 07AUG20 2 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Fort Lauderdale eff 23JUL20 5 weekly A321/321neo
Montreal – Lisbon eff 24JUL20 2 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Lyon eff 28JUL20 2 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Marseille eff 29JUL20 2 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Nantes eff 31JUL20 2 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Paris CDG eff 23JUL20 7 weekly A321neo/330-200
Montreal – Port-au-Prince eff 29JUL20 1 weekly A321
Montreal – Punta Cana eff 26JUL20 1 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Toulouse eff 23JUL20 2 weekly A321neo (2nd weekly scheduled from 16AUG20)
Toronto – Athens eff 26JUL20 1 weekly A330-200
Toronto – Cancun eff 25JUL20 1 weekly A321neo (A321ceo from 15AUG20)
Toronto – Cayo Coco eff 07AUG20 1 weekly A321
Toronto – Fort Lauderdale eff 31JUL20 1 weekly A321neo (2nd weekly with A321 from 09AUG20)
Toronto – Glasgow eff 25JUL20 2 weekly A321neo
Toronto – London Gatwick eff 23JUL20 3 weekly A321neo (4 weekly from 17AUG20)
Toronto – Manchester eff 25JUL20 2 weekly A321neo
Toronto – Porto eff 26JUL20 1 weekly A321neo
Toronto – Punta Cana eff 25JUL20 1 weekly A321neo
Toronto – Rome eff 27JUL20 2 weekly A330-200

Montreal – Calgary eff 26JUL20 2 weekly A321neo (3 weekly from 12AUG20)
Montreal – Toronto eff 23JUL20 6 weekly A321neo
Montreal – Vancouver eff 23JUL20 4 weekly A321neo
Toronto – Calgary eff 23JUL20 3 weekly A321neo (4 weekly A321/321neo from 12AUG20)
Toronto – Vancouver eff 23JUL20 3 weekly A321/321neo (4 weekly from 10AUG20, 5 weekly from 19AUG20)

Operational frequencies for domestic flights has been updated, with service reductions.