Data: Cathay Pacific 77W seat map

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Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777-300ER Seat Map as per Amadeus. First posted on Flyertalk.

First Class
Rows 1 – 2
Layout A – D – K

Note 2K marked with C (COT)

Business Class
Rows 11 – 27
Layout A – DG – K
Wing section rows 15 – 27

No Row 13, 14
Row 27 is A – K
Row 11 marked as Last offered

Economy Class
Rows 30 – 44 / 54 – 67
Layout ABC – DEG – HJK

Wing section rows 30 – 37

Not available: 30 ABCHJK, 44DEGHJK, 54DEG
Row 66/67 layout: AC – HK
Marked last offered: 30DEG, 31 ABCHJK, 55DEG, 65ABCHJK, 66ACHK, 67ACHK

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