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Braga - one of the best places for Americans in Europe

According to Forbes, Braga, near Porto, is one of the Best Places for Americans to live, invest, work In Europe

The Portuguese People are explorers and we all owe many discoveries to them. Facing the ocean, Portugal is opened to the world. Openness and entrepreneurship are two important qualities to be found in Braga.

“Forget the clichés about Latin people basking in the sun, the Portuguese people are qualified and hard-working and they speak English much better than many of their European neighbors,” adds EBD.

Braga is Portugal’s third city and it is considered the happiest city in the country. It is also on the podium of European cities with the best quality of life.

For many years, Braga has hosted start-ups and international events. Renowned for its history and gastronomy, this ‘Portuguese Rome’ attracts not only entrepreneurs and families (for its quality of life, green spaces and international schools), but also those who wish to invest in tourism. The city enjoys one of Europe’s highest rates of growth in the sector. 

Recently, Braga was recognized for its quick and effective response to Covid-19, showcasing its capacity for innovation and dynamism. 

International companies such as Philips, Bosch and Continental, as well as start-ups and high-tech companies, have important presence in Braga, capital of the Minho region. Highlight of Forbes news