Digital Sponsorship

Homepage Takeover - NEW for 2015

Homepage takeover is available on Routesonline during key dates throughout our event cycle.

Scheduling Opening, During and Closing

Scheduling for face-to-face meetings ahead of Routes events is always a peak time for traffic on Routesonline. Airlines, airports and air service development industry stakeholders rush to our website to secure their desired meetings ahead of attending the event. 

Key dates:

  • Scheduling opens homepage takeover campaign - 20th April 2015 (7 days)
  • During scheduling homepage takeover campaign - 08th May 2015 (7 days)
  • Schedulign closes homepage takeover campaign - 15th May 2015 (7 days)

Awards Opening, During and Closing

Routesonline can help you campaign for nominations and votes during our annual Routes marketing awards. Target the airlines and get your success stories out to the air service development community in the most effective manner by running an exclusive campaign on our homepage.

Key dates:

  • Awards opening homepage takeover campaign - 26th April 2015 (7 days)
  • During awards homepage takeover campaign - 03rd May 2015 (7 days)
  • Awards closes homepage takeover campaign - 10th May 2015 (7 days)

Live Events

We get a massive surge in traffic on Routesonline during live events, ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure during this time!

Key date:

  • Live event homepage takeover campaign - 29th May 2015 (7 days)

The Package

Homepage takeover presents your organisation with the opportunity to get exclusive exposure on our homepage during a time when you want your brand in the minds of the community. Our homepage is the location on our website which every delegate who wishes to schedule face-to-face meetings must visit. 

Homepage Takeover Package includes:

  • Your artwork and branding exclusively promoted as the background of the Routesonline homepage
  • Homepage exclusivity on all three banner positions for 7 days (Leaderboard & 2x MPU positions)
  • A bespoke marketing promotional block beneath our event carousel (To contain branding, video content etc.)
  • 1 Routesonline Leaderboard (1 Month Duration)
  • 1 Routesonline MPU Banner (1 Month Duration)
  • 1 Q&A Session with our editorial team to be included on Routesonline and our weekly newsletter.

We boast a highly qualified audience, we know who our users are and we know where they are from. This provides our customers with the unique opportunity of delivering targetted successful campaigns with quantifiable results. The beauty of any digital marketing campaign is that we can easily demostrate a return on your investment.

Category Example Job Titles
Middle Management Network Planners, Marketing Managers, Commercial Managers, Business Development Managers;
Senior Management Commercial Directors, Aviation Marketing Directors, Head of Business Development, Regional Directors;
Executives Planners, Business Development Officers, Analysts
Heads of Organisation Vice Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Director Generals

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