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Łódź, Poland
9 – 11 May 2023

Łódź Restaurants and Bars

Enjoy a taste of Łódź with the city cafés, restaurants and bars during your stay.

Get exclusive offers only available to Routes Europe 2023 delegates at all the restaurants and bars below. Just show your Routes Europe badge to redeem. All offers are available until Friday 12 May. 


Quale Restaurant

The place is recognised as one of the best restaurants in Lodz. It offers delightful and sophisticated cuisine with local and European flavours. Taste of luxury, indulging yourself with a great choice of wines, whisky, and cigars. Table reservations are necessary at least 2 hours in advance. Call ++48 723 123 130; the staff speaks English.

Exclusive Routes offer: Complimentary aperitif (sparkling wine)

LocationNarutowicza Street, near Lodz Fabryczna Railway Station and the Grand Theatre


Pierogarnia Stary Młyn

This restaurant combines the best Polish cuisine with the best of various regions of Poland - local traditions, local flavours and centuries-old history. Of course, our legendary oven-baked pierogi (Polish dumplings) lead the way: they are made based on a proven recipe that has been the same for many years, made on the spot and fresh, always with the highest quality ingredients. 

Exclusive Routes offer: 11% off your bill

LocationPiotrkowska Street



It is the restaurant where guests will experience the uniqueness and charm of Jewish cuisine. 

The restaurant serves pre-war Lodz Jews dishes such as “gęsi pipek” (gooseneck), Moryc caviar, veal brain, and modern Israel flavours.

Exclusive Routes offer: a complimentary glass of prosecco

LocationZielona Street, close to Priotrkowska



The smallest restaurant at Manufaktura with a cosy atmosphere.

A truly hip and contemporary bistro serving seasonally–inspired dishes from around the globe in a modern arty environment. You will also find a great variety of original cocktails.

Exclusive Routes offer: 15% off your bill




Occupying a great corner spot in the Manufaktura complex, Bawełna serves up hearty doses of quality - mainly Italian dishes at surprisingly reasonable prices. The interior is well fitted with the de rigueur, neo-industrial/rustic look, and the ground level features an open kitchen. Head upstairs to a similarly designed area that appears more spacious and airier and has a lovely bar. Try one of their signature cocktails which blends some unique and intriguing concoctions of flavours. Three levels of a refined, minimalist space are the stage for delicious Italian cuisine with Balkan elements.

Exclusive Routes offer: complimentary welcome cocktail




Ramki Restaurant is a sibling restaurant of Siekany Mieszany. Its owners passionately prepare dishes of modern Polish cuisine and those inspired by Mediterranean culinary tradition. An additional advantage of this restaurant is its location on the most famous street of Łódź - Piotrkowska

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

LocationPiotrowska Street


Siekany Mieszany

The restaurant shares space with Ramki but has a different cuisine concept. In Siekany Mieszany, they specialise in the preparation of tartars. They chop them from the highest quality products, such as best quality beef, fish, and vegetables. They do it by hand, in front of the guests. You will also get a surprisingly wide range of toppings there.

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Piotrkowska Street



Serving up prime cuts of 100% Polish beef and authentic Italian pasta, Pini est.1926 delivers a classic steakhouse experience and Italian hospitality. We celebrate life through food, familial gatherings and exceptional service in our restaurant.

Exclusive Routes offer: 5% off your bill

Location: Manufaktura


Dzielna 43

The place specialises in Neapolitan-style pizzas of great taste. They also serve craft beer and other Polish and Italian dishes.  

Their ample space, with large windows overlooking Łódź Grand Theatre, creates a relaxed atmosphere of a Friday afternoon during the whole week

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Narutowicza Street, near Lodz Fabryczna Railway Station and the Grand Theatre



Its iconic glazed veranda stands out in the middle of Piotrkowska Street. New York Style Pizza, burgers, steaks and pasta are all served in historic interiors. They also do their signature cocktails, serving craft beer and other great drinks.

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Piotrkowska Street

Gesi puch

Gęsi Puch

The Gęsi Puch Restaurant can be found in the building that used to be a textile factory of the renowned Richter family. This historical background greatly influenced the ambience, interior design, and overall atmosphere of the place.

The talented cooks, led by Chef Jakub Jablonski, prepare dishes that blend traditional Polish flavours with contemporary ideas.

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Politechniki Avenue, near Expo and The Łódź Polytechnics

wall street

Wall Street BBQ

Steaks are the primary speciality there. The restaurant answers the owners’ extraordinary passion for steaks, unique culinary solutions, and beautiful interiors. A friendly atmosphere, unusual design and the highest quality beef are the surety of a wonderfully spent time and unforgettable culinary experience.

Exclusive Routes Offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Pilsudski Avenue, near Novotel


Tabu Sushi

Situated in the heart of Łódź, the “Tabu Sushi” Restaurant attracts you with its sophisticated design, a wide variety of Japanese and Asian dishes, not to mention carefully crafted and beautifully presented cocktails.

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Pilsudski Avenue, near Novotel


Farina Bianco

Farina Bianco Restaurant is a two-level, spacious restaurant offering Italian cuisine with elements of international cuisine. It is also a pastry shop with its homemade pastries.
The bar offers a wide range of original and classic cocktails. They serve a great choice of wines from all over the world

Exclusive Routes offer: 10% off your bill

Location: Pilsudski Avenue, near Novotel


77 Siódemki

Siódemki is a highly atmospheric restaurant in the heart of Piotrkowska, with a beautiful glass conservatory overlooking the street. Their speciality is a delicious pasta with chicken and velvety cream sauce, served with herb parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Exclusive Routes offer: complimentary glass of rose house wine

LocationPiotrkowska Street



Arteria is a restaurant with an exciting atmosphere. It represents a new quality in the culinary world of Łódź. Its owners combine a great passion for cooking with respect for art. They have created a space where guests can eat well, meet great people and admire an absorbing art exhibition simultaneously.

Exclusive Routes offer: a complimentary cocktail


la mia

La Mia Fabbrica

In a post-industrial interior, the restaurant serves specialities of Neapolitan cuisine.
The menu is dominated by unique pizza and, next to it, soups, spreads, appetisers and desserts.
All dishes are prepared from the highest quality products with craft precision.

Exclusive Routes offer: a complimentary Routes dedicated dessert

Location: Monopolis

indian steak

Indian Steak

It is an original project by two friends, brought together by their passion for INDIAN motorcycles and cooking. One produces exquisite steaks from long-aged beef and lamb, while the other owns a network of well-known pastry shops in Poznań. When creating the INDIAN STEAK restaurant, they followed the idea of exquisite dishes combined with education about steaks and long-aged beef, BBQ, grilling, and cooking methods.
Trying a legendary Pavlova dessert there is a must.

Exclusive Routes offer: a complimentary Routes dedicated dessert



Lordi's Club

An outstanding upscale club in the heart of Lodz, the city’s most spacious in its class, it can accommodate up to 1500 people. The industrial design of the place shall fulfil the requirements of customers who value classical aesthetics combined with modern clubbing style.

It includes the FOO FOO Vip Lounge Bar, the club’s VIP zone.

While connected to Lordi’s Club, it is an entirely autonomous entity. It is the biggest VIP ROOM in Lodz, with access to an independent dance floor.

Exclusive Routes offer: an exclusive party for Routes Europe delegates. Join us after the Routes Europe Welcome Reception from 9pm.

Location: Piotrkowska Street

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