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Bogota, Colombia
19 – 21 March 2024

Discover Colombia

Greater Colombian Caribbean Western Colombian Andes Colombian Pacific Eastern Colombian Andes

The Colombian Massif The Colombian Amazon Orinoco

Greater Colombian Caribbean



Santa Marta

Much More Than Sun and Sea

This land of exuberant nature, forests and perpetual snow, deserts of dunes and sea of seven colors, is much more than golden sands and coral reefs. It is home to fascinating indigenous and Afro-descendant cultures, carnivals and music, sacred archaeological sites, the Macondian imagination of García Márquez and the most beautiful colonial city in the world, Cartagena de Indias.

Western Colombian Andes




Mountains of Coffee and Flowers

The historic Andes, where colonization began, and liberation took hold. Land of peaks, moors and valleys that host impressive national parks. From the capital Bogotá, with its skyscrapers, museums, gastronomy and rich cultural offerings the region extends to the north transporting the visitor to marvelous colonial towns and an age of legends, like that of El Dorado.

Colombian Pacific




Flavors of Forest and Sea

Colombia’s best kept secret is a megadiverse ecosystem where wild forests crash into the sea, humpback whales make epic journeys to give birth in its waters and marine turtles nest on its enormous empty beaches. With African and ancestral origins, it’s cultural offerings are world class as evidenced by Cali and its salsa, its delicious cuisine and vibrant festivals.

Eastern Colombian Andes



Villa de Leyva

Legendary Moors and Valleys

The historic Andes, where colonization began and the liberation took place. Land of peaks, moors, and valleys that are home to impressive national parks. From the capital of Bogotá, with its skyscrapers, museums, gastronomy, and rich cultural offer, the region extends to the north transporting the visitor to incredible colonial towns and a time of legends, such as El Dorado.

The Colombian Massif



San Augustin

Ancestral Origins

These mysterious moors, mountains and volcanoes are the cradle of Colombian Andean culture and the most important rivers of the country. The powerful legacy of ancient civilizations is felt strongly here within the archaeological parks and in the indigenous communities that safeguard priceless ancestral knowledge. This is a destination that invites visitors to discover timeless experiences, and which houses the White City of Popayán.

The Colombian Amazon-Orinoco

La Macarena



Sacred Rainforests and Plains

The green heart of Colombia is an immense diverse region of ancient forests, colossal skies and thundering rapids. The north is home to a wild landscape of virgin plains, remote ranches and biodiverse estuaries rich in rural culture. In the south, unexplored forests shelter a universe of natural wonders, petroglyphs, ancestral indigenous knowledge and thriving cultures which visitors can help to preserve.

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