China Airlines S13 Tokyo Narita / Honolulu Operational Schedule Changes

China Airlines from 31MAR13 is adjusting operational schedule on selected Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita flight as well as Tokyo Narita – Honolulu. Planned operational schedule changes as follows.

中华航空2013年3月31日起, 调整 台北桃园–东京成田 和 东京成田–火奴鲁鲁(檀香山)飞航时段。调整如下。

Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita
till 30MAR13
CI100 TPE0935 – 1330NRT EQV D
CI018 TPE1430 – 1825NRT 744 x7
CI018 TPE1505 – 1900NRT 744 7
CI106 TPE1650 – 2045NRT 333 D

CI107 NRT0940 – 1240TPE 333 D
CI017 NRT1450 – 1750TPE 744 x1
CI017 NRT1525 – 1825TPE 744 1
CI101 NRT1620 – 1930TPE EQV x137
CI101 NRT1630 – 1930TPE 333 137

eff 31MAR13
From Tokyo Narita, CI017 and CI101 will swap operational slot. CI017 moves from 1400/1500hrs to 1800hrs and vice versa for CI101, however such changes will take place from 01APR13
东京成田出发航班自13年4月1日起, CI017和CI101飞航时段对调。
CI100 TPE0855 – 1305NRT 333 D
CI018 TPE1440 – 1855NRT 744 D
CI106 TPE1635 – 2040NRT 333 D

CI107 NRT0940 – 1210TPE 333 D
CI101 NRT1430 – 1710TPE 333 D
CI017 NRT1830 – 2100TPE 744 D

Tokyo Narita – Honolulu
till 30MAR13
CI018 NRT1950 – 0735HNL 744 x7
CI018 NRT2030 – 0815HNL 744 7

CI017 HNL0925 – 1320+1NRT 744 x7
CI017 HNL1000 – 1355+1NRT 744 7

eff 31MAR13
From Honolulu, CI017 departure time will be pushed back from 0900/1000hrs to 1300/1400hrs. It is unknown whether the schedule change is related to Korean Air’s resumed service, which departs HNL 1100hrs
火奴鲁鲁(檀香山)出发航班从早上移到下午航班。目前无法得知此调整是否与大韩航空3月31日起复航此航线有关联, 大韩火奴鲁鲁起飞时间为早上1100。
CI018 NRT2010 – 0805HNL 744 D
CI017 HNL1325 – 1655+1NRT 744 D