Philippine Airlines S13 International Operation Changes as of 27MAR13

As per 27MAR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, Philippine Airlines’ Summer 2013 International operation changes as follow. Majority of these changes appeared during 28FEB13 schedule update.

Manila – Abu Dhabi eff 01OCT13 Planned service resumption, operating on daily basis. In its press release issued on 06MAR13, PR stated reservation to open on 15MAR13, however reservation remains unavailable. Following Schedule is taken from the airline’s schedule listing in PDF
PR656 MNL1625 – 2145AUH EQV D
PR657 AUH2315 – 1225+1MNL EQV D

Manila – Taipei eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 6 to 7 weekly (Planned increase to 10 weekly will begin from 15JUN13 instead of 31MAR13)
PR896 MNL0750 – 1000TPE 320 D
PR894 MNL0920 – 1130TPE 320 6
PR894 MNL1235 – 1445TPE 320 5
PR894 MNL1240 – 1450TPE 320 2

PR897 TPE1050 – 1300MNL 320 147
PR895 TPE1230 – 1450MNL 320 6
PR895 TPE1535 – 1755MNL 320 5
PR895 TPE1550 – 1800MNL 320 2
PR899 TPE1720 – 1930MNL 320 3
PR899 TPE1725 – 1940MNL 320 26
PR899 TPE1910 – 2120MNL 320 7

PR896/897 operates Day x256 from 31MAR13 to 14JUN13

Manila – Toronto 3 weekly service operates via Vancouver in both direction, instead of Manila – Toronto – Vancouver – Manila. However this has started from 15MAR13, 2 weeks earlier than planned
PR118 MNL1500 – 1200YVR1330 – 2050YYZ 77W 357
PR119 YYZ2220 – 0010+1YVR0125+1 – 0555+2MNL 77W 357

Previously reported changes:
Kalibo – Busan eff 11APR13 NEW 2 weekly service with A320 (4 weekly from 24JUL13 to 24AUG13)
Manila – Bangkok eff 31MAR13 Service increase from 14 to 19 weekly. This further increases to 20 weekly from 01SEP13 (The airline’s schedule listing in PDF shows 21, which is incorrect)

Manila – Beijing eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 8 to 9 weekly
Manila – Darwin – Brisbane eff 01JUN13 NEW 3 weekly service, A320 operating (Brisbane is service resumption)
Manila – Darwin – Perth eff 01JUN13 NEW 4 weekly service, A320 operating
Manila – Denpasar eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 2 to 3 weekly
Manila – Guangzhou eff 02JUN13 Service resumption with 4 weekly A320 service. Reservation opened on 17MAR13 instead of planned 15MAR13
Manila – Ho Chi Minh eff 31MAR13 Day 13 service moves from afternoon to morning flight (Morning service on Day x57, afternoon service on Day 57)
Manila – Jakarta eff 31MAR13 Nonstop service increases from 7 to 11 weekly (Existing 4 weekly 1-stop flight via Singapore replaced by nonstop flight)
Manila – Kuala Lumpur eff 01MAY13 Service resumption with 4 weekly flights, A319 operating
Manila – Los Angeles eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 9 to 11 weekly (PR112/113 increase from 2 to 4 weekly, schedule shifts from night-time to day-time)
Manila – Macau Daily service introduced since Dec 2012, is maintained (4 weekly in S12)
Manila – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 31MAR13 Daily service operated by A340-300, replacing A330/340 mix
Manila – Singapore eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 3 to 4 daily

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