UNITED S14 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 12OCT13

UNITED during (the weekend of) 12OCT13 schedule update is adjusting a number of planned European routes, which focuses on planned capacity increase on Trans-Atlantic service from Newark. Planned operation changes as follow.

Chicago – Munich 05JUN14 – 04SEP14 UA 3-class 777 replaces 3-class 767-300ER
UA952 ORD1750 – 0950+1MUC 777 D
UA953 MUC1220 – 1445ORD 777 D

Houston – Frankfurt 08APR14 – 05MAY14 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces CO 777-200ER
UA964 IAH1805 – 1135+1FRA 763 D
UA965 FRA1350 – 1840IAH 763 D

Newark – Amsterdam 06MAY14 – 04SEP14 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces CO 757-200 remains unchanged however operational flight number moves from UA9xx to UA8xx
UA878 EWR1800 – 0745+1AMS 763 D
UA877 AMS0915 – 1145EWR 763 D

Newark – Berlin Tegel 02JUL14 – 11AUG14 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces CO 757-200
UA962 EWR1800 – 0805+1TXL 763 D
UA963 TXL0935 – 1230EWR 763 D

Newark – Brussels UA 3-class 777-200ER to operate for Entire Summer 2014. Boeing 767 operated during certain periods in S13
UA960 EWR1810 – 0745+1BRU 777 D
UA961 BRU1000 – 1220EWR 777 D

Newark – Frankfurt Service in Summer 2014 operates 1 daily (CO 767-400ER), except following dates operated by UA 777-200ER: 08APR14 – 05MAY14
Newark – Geneva 05JUN14 – 04SEP14 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 767-300ER
UA148 EWR1745 – 0745+1GVA 764 D
UA149 GVA0920 – 1210EEWR 764 D

Newark – London Heathrow Following CO 757-200 service to change to UA 3-class 767. By June 2014 service operates with 4 daily 767 and 1 daily 777.
eff 06MAR14 UA114/111 changes to UA940/941
eff 08APR14 UA044/045 changes to UA922/923
eff 06MAY14 UA110/115 changes to UA800/943 (until 04SEP14, EWR departure)
eff 04JUN14 UA017/016 changes to UA942/801 (until 04SEP14, EWR departure)

Following schedule effective 05JUN14:
UA922 EWR0910 – 2120LHR 763 D
UA800 EWR1825 – 0645+1LHR 763 D
UA029 EWR1915 – 0730+1LHR 777 D
UA942 EWR2115 – 0925+1LHR 763 D
UA940 EWR2200 – 1010+1LHR 763 D

UA923 LHR0840 – 1135EWR 763 D
UA028 LHR1005 – 1300EWR 777 D
UA801 LHR1205 – 1510EWR 763 D
UA941 LHR1600 – 1910EWR 763 D
UA943 LHR1800 – 2100EWR 763 D

First Class service will be offered on board UA 767 aircraft.

Newark – Paris CDG Gradual capacity increase to 2 daily UA 3-class 767 by June 2014
eff 06MAY14 UA057/056 (CO 757) changes to UA904/905 (UA 767)
eff 02JUL14 UA054/055 (CO 757) changes to UA876/875 (UA 767; until 04SEP14, EWR departure)

Following schedule effective 02JUL14:
UA904 EWR1805 – 0745+1CDG 763 D
UA876 EWR2135 – 1055+1CDG 763 D

UA905 CDG0925 – 1150EWR 763 D
UA875 CDG1310 – 1535EWR 763 D

Newark – Zurich CO 767-400ER operates entire Summer 2014 season. UA Boeing 767 operated during certain periods in S13
UA134 EWR1825 – 0840+1ZRH 764 D
UA135 ZRH1010 – 1320EWR 764 D

Washington Dulles – Munich 02JUL14 – 04SEP14 UA 3-class 777 replaces CO 767-400ER
UA846 IAD1730 – 0750+1MUC 777 D
UA847 MUC1140 – 1455IAD 777 D

Washington Dulles – Zurich CO 767-400ER operates entire Summer 2014 season. UA Boeing 767 operated during certain periods in S13
UA052 IAD1745 – 0805+1ZRH 764 D
UA053 ZRH1155 – 1520IAD 764 D

Previously reported changes:
Chicago – Edinburgh 22MAY14 – 05OCT14 NEW 5 weekly CO 757-200 service (4 weekly from 05SEP14)
Chicago – Frankfurt eff 08APR14 Re-introduction of Boeing 747-400 service on UA907/906
UA944 ORD1420 – 0545+1FRA 763 D
UA907 ORD1825 – 0955+1FRA 744 D

UA945 FRA0810 – 1030ORD 763 D
UA906 FRA1245 – 1455ORD 744 D

UA906 operates with 747 from 09APR14

Chicago – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 30MAR14 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Chicago – Tokyo Narita eff 30MAR14 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita eff 30MAR14 Boeing 747-400 operates this route once again (777 replaces 747 from 13FEB14 to 29MAR14, HNL departure)
UA879 HNL0945 – 1325+1NRT 744 D
UA880 NRT1925 – 0720HNL 744 D

Houston – London Heathrow Boeing 787 operates as UA102/103 on daily basis until 05MAY14 (IAH departure)
Los Angeles – Sydney – Melbourne eff 30MAR14 UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400
San Francisco – London Heathrow eff 08APR14 Summer service operates with UA 3-class Boeing 777-200 twice a day, instead of 1 daily each 747/777
San Francisco – Osaka Kansai eff 08APR14 Boeing 787-8 replaces 747-400, daily service (KIX departure from 09APR14)
UA167 SFO1030 – 1430+1KIX 788 D
UA168 KIX1645 – 1025SFO 788 D

San Francisco – Sydney eff 30MAR14 UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400
San Francisco – Taipei Taoyuan eff 29MAR14 Service resumes with UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER on daily basis
San Francisco – Tokyo Narita Double Daily Boeing 747-400 service, to be introduced from 26OCT13, is being maintained in Summer 2014 season (on/after 30MAR14)

All effective dates listed above are for US departure only. Asia and Europe departs on the following day, Australia departs 2 days later. Further changes remain highly possible.

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