Cape Air Begins Intra-Montana Service from Dec 2013

Cape Air on 10DEC13 introduced new services within Montana, where it operates 13 daily round-trip flights to/from Billings, with 5 routes. All services operates with Cessna aircraft.

Billings – Glasgow 2 daily
9K1757 BIL1045 – 1221GGW CNA D
9K1761 BIL1745 – 1921GGW CNA D

9K1756 GGW0715 – 0851BIL CNA D
9K1760 GGW1420 – 1556BIL CNA D

Billings – Glendive 2 daily
9K1751 BIL1115 – 1233GDV CNA D
9K1755 BIL1810 – 1928GDV CNA D

9K1750 GDV0700 – 0818BIL CNA D
9K1754 GDV1445 – 1603BIL CNA D

Billings – Havre 2 daily
9K1763 BIL1105 – 1238HVR CNA D
9K1767 BIL1800 – 1933HVR CNA D

9K1762 HVR0700 – 0833BIL CNA D
9K1766 HVR1435 – 1608BIL CNA D

Billings – Sidney 5 daily
9K1775 BIL0825 – 0959SDY CNA D
9K1777 BIL1100 – 1234SDY CNA D
9K1781 BIL1330 – 1504SDY CNA D
9K1785 BIL1740 – 1914SDY CNA D
9K1789 BIL1905 – 2039SDY CNA D

9K1774 SDY0630 – 0804BIL CNA D
9K1778 SDY0810 – 0944BIL CNA D
9K1780 SDY1055 – 1229BIL CNA D
9K1784 SDY1440 – 1614BIL CNA D
9K1788 SDY1530 – 1704BIL CNA D

Billings – Wolf Point 2 daily
9K1769 BIL1050 – 1233OLF CNA D
9K1773 BIL1755 – 1938OLF CNA D

9K1768 OLF0700 – 0843BIL CNA D
9K1772 OLF1440 – 1623BIL CNA D

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