Korean Air S14 International Operation Changes as of 07FEB14

On 06FEB14, further schedule changes for Korean Air’s Summer 2014 International operation appeared in the GDS. Planned operation changes from 30MAR14 as follow.

Seoul Incheon – Cebu Boeing 747-400 operates in Summer 2014 season on daily basis, replacing Airbus A330 in S13
Seoul Incheon – Chiang Mai Boeing 777-200ER operates in Summer 2014 season, replacing Airbus A330 in S13 (Routine increase from 4 weekly to daily from 23JUL14 to 24AUG14)
Seoul Incheon – Da Nang 30MAR14 – 25JUL14 Service reduce from daily to 4 weekly (Day x236), 737-900ER operation
Seoul Incheon – Hanoi Increase from 7 to 11 weekly
KE479 ICN0830 – 1110HAN 73J 246
KE479 ICN0915 – 1155HAN 73J 1
KE679 ICN1855 – 2130HAN 332 D

KE480 HAN1220 – 1845ICN 73J 246
KE480 HAN1310 – 1935ICN 73J 1
KE680 HAN2250 – 0505+1ICN 332 D

Seoul Incheon – Ho Chi Minh 30MAR14 – 29MAY14 KE683/684 operates with A330-200 on Day 5, instead of A330-300
Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong Operational aircraft adjustment
30MAR14 – 26JUN14 77W Day 24 333 Day x24
27JUN14 – 25OCT14 77W Day x356 333 Day 356

KE607/608 eff 25MAY14 Boeing 777-300ER replaces Airbus A380

Seoul Incheon – Kuala Lumpur Boeing 777 replaces A330-300
30MAR14 – 28MAY14 77W Day 3 772 Day x3
29MAY14 – 25OCT14 772 Daily

On Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, KE offers First Class Suite service once a week (twice a week in October 2014)

Seoul Incheon – Shizuoka 3 weekly service cancelled
Seoul Incheon – Sydney Northern Summer 2014 season operates with A330-300 on daily basis, instead of 777-200ER (in NS13)
Seoul Incheon – Vienna – Zurich 01MAY14 – 31MAY14 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER, 3 weekly service. From 01JUN14, Vienna and Zurich service will be split into dedicated nonstop service, 3 weekly each (reported on 06FEB14)
Seoul Incheon – Xi’An Summer 2014 season operates with A330-200/-300, instead of 737/A330 in S13. Airbus A330-300 operates on following, instead of -200
01MAY14 – 31AUG14 Day 4
01SEP14 – 25OCT14 Day 46

On 05FEB14, there were 3 minor typographical errors, which has been corrected nearly 24 hours later, which are:
Seoul Incheon – Atlanta: KE033/034 operational aircraft changes, should be read as KE035/036
Seoul Incheon – St. Petersburg: Service increase from 3 to 5 weekly from 02JUN14, should be read as from 02JUN14 to 29SEP14
Seoul Incheon – Seattle: Routine service increase from 5 weekly to daily from 01JUN14, should be read as from 01JUN14 to 31AUG14

Previously reported changes:
Seoul Incheon – Atlanta KE035/036 operational aircraft changes
30MAR14 – 01JUL14 77W Daily
02JUL14 – 31AUG14 388 Day 357 77W Day x357
01SEP14 – 25OCT14 388 Daily

Seoul Incheon – Chicago Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER on following: 30MAR14 – 31MAY14, 01SEP14 – 25OCT14
KE037 ICN1140 – 1025ORD 772 D
KE038 ORD1235 – 1625+1ICN 772 D

Seoul Incheon – Dallas Service reduce from daily to 5 weekly (Day x15), 777-200ER operation
Seoul Incheon – Dubai eff 30MAR14 Airbus A330-200 replaces 777-200ER
KE951 ICN1310 – 1830DXB 332 x35
KE952 DXB2255 – 1220+1ICN 332 x35

Service reduce to 4 weekly (Day x135) from 01JUL14 to 18AUG14

Seoul Incheon – Guam Boeing 747-400 operates entire Summer season from 30MAR14 to 25OCT14, 1 daily (S13 was 747-400/777-200ER)
Seoul Incheon – Houston eff 02MAY14 NEW 4 weekly 777-200ER service
Seoul Incheon – Jakarta Increase from 7 weekly to 10 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles – Sao Paulo eff 01JUN14 Increase from 3 to 5 weekly, 777-300ER operation (Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles sector increases from 17 to 19 weekly)
Seoul Incheon – Moscow Sheremetyevo 17JUN14 – 30SEP14 Service increases from 5 weekly in S13 to daily
KE923 ICN1330 – 1750SVO 772 D
KE924 SVO1955 – 0915+1ICN 772 D

Seoul Incheon – New York JFK eff 25MAY14 A380 operation increases from 1 to 2 daily. KE085/086 operates with A380 instead of 777-300ER
KE081 ICN1005 – 1120JFK 388 D
KE085 ICN1930 – 2045JFK 388 D

KE086 JFK0050 – 0410+1ICN 388 D
KE082 JFK1400 – 1720+1ICN 388 D

Seoul Incheon – St. Petersburg 02JUN14 – 29SEP14 Service increases from 3 weekly in S13 to 5 weekly
KE929 ICN1615 – 2020LED 772 x37
KE930 LED2150 – 1130+1ICN 772 x37

Seoul Incheon – Seattle 01JUN14 – 31AUG14 Service increases from 5 weekly to daily (routine seasonal adjustment)
KE019 ICN1815 – 1215SEA 772 D
KE020 SEA1405 – 1735+1ICN 772 D

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita Overall service reduced from 5 to 3 daily. KE701/702 and KE707/708 is cancelled for majority of S14 season, however both will operate on following dates:
KE701/702 24APR14 – 07MAY14 (737-800), 25JUL14 – 17AUG14 (737-800/777-200ER)
KE707/708 19JUL14 – 29AUG14 (NRT departs on the following day; Various aircraft operating)

Seoul Incheon – Vancouver 20JUN14 – 08SEP14 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER (Except 07SEP14; routine seasonal adjustment)
KE071 ICN1850 – 1235YVR 744 D
KE072 YVR1435 – 1750+1ICN 744 D

Seoul Incheon – Washington Dulles eff 30MAR14 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER on Day 567
KE093 ICN1030 – 1115IAD 772 x567
KE093 ICN1030 – 1115IAD 77W 567

KE094 IAD1335 – 1710+1ICN 772 x567
KE094 IAD1335 – 1710+1ICN 77W 567