ANA to Debut Boeing 787-9 Passenger Service 04AUG14

ANA today (24JUL14) announced it’ll be receiving its First Boeing 787-9 aircraft on 27JUL14. The stretched version of the Dreamliner will depart Everett on 28JUL14, and arrive Japan on 29JUL14. The 395-seater Boeing 787-9 aircraft (C18Y377) in domestic configuration, is set to operate the World’s First Passenger service on 04AUG14.

In regards to the world’s first passenger service, the following is the excerpt of ANA’s English Press Release.

In advance of bringing the plane into scheduled commercial service, ANA is going to operate a special commemorative flight for the ‘Dreamliner’ on August 4, 2014. ANA will fly Japanese and American elementary school children living in Japan on a flight for the next generation of air passengers. The aircraft will fly from Haneda Airport to fly over Mount Fuji, one of Japan’s best known landmarks and newest World Heritage Site. The TOMODACHI logo will be displayed on the new aircraft, in support of the initiative to strengthen Japanese-US ties.