Midwest launch MKE-CLT + MCI-AUS

Midwest Airlines today announced the launch of 2 new routes, part of its 2007 expansion plan. The new routes will begin this fall.

2 daily Milwaukee – Charlotte eff 16SEP07
MKE0820 – 1120CLT
MKE1430 – 1730CLT

CLT1150 – 1255MKE
CLT1800 – 1905MKE

operated by Midwest Connect

2 daily Kansas City – Austin eff 16SEP07
MCI0900 – 1055AUS
MCI1400 – 1555AUS

AUS1125 – 1315MCI
AUS1630 – 1820MCI

operated by Midwest Connect

In addition, 4th daily nonstop Milwaukee – Nashville will be launched on 04SEP07 by Midwest Connect, and 4th daily Milwaukee – Las Vegas eff 01OCT07 .