CityJet Discontinues Cork - London City Service in late-June 2016

CityJet yesterday (12MAY16) announced its plan to discontinue Cork – London City operation, launched in October 2015. The airline's June 2016 schedule calls for up to 3 daily flights on weekdays (1 on Saturdays, 2 on Sundays), until the last flight 26JUN16.

Planned schedule as follow.

WX310 ORK0650 – 0815LCY AR8 x67
WX310 ORK0800 – 0925LCY AR8 6
WX314 ORK1215 – 1335LCY AR8 x36
WX318 ORK1600 – 1725LCY AR8 x6

WX311 LCY0845 – 1010ORK AR8 x67
WX311 LCY0955 – 1120ORK AR8 6
WX315 LCY1405 – 1530ORK AR8 x36
WX319 LCY1755 – 1920ORK AR8 x6