Wingo outlines initial operation from Dec 2016

Copa Airlines starting 01DEC16 is transforming its Copa Airlines Colombia unit to low-cost carrier Wingo, as the airline opened reservation on its new website. Wingo will assume Copa Airlines Colombia’s IATA code “P5”, as well as 4 Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

Among the existing destinations served by Copa Airlines Colombia, the low-cost carrier will also serve Aruba, Cartagena, Guayaquil as well as Panama City Balboa. Planned operation as follow (routes marked with * represents new route)

* Bogota – Aruba eff 03DEC16 2 weekly (Day 36)
Bogota – Cancun eff 01DEC16 5 weekly (Day x36)
Bogota – Caracas eff 01DEC16 1 daily
* Bogota – Cartagena eff 01DEC16 6 weekly (Day x2)
* Bogota – Guayaquil eff 01DEC16 6 weekly (Day x2)
Bogota – Havana eff 01DEC16 3 weekly (Day 247)
Bogota – Mexico City eff 02DEC16 4 weekly (Day x246; Copa Colombia currently operates 1 daily)
* Bogota – Panama City Balboa eff 01DEC16 6 weekly (Day x2)
Bogota – Punta Cana eff 02DEC16 2 weekly (Day 15)
Bogota – Quito eff 02DEC16 4 weekly (Day x246)
Bogota – San Andres Island eff 03DEC16 3 weekly (Day 136)
* Cali – Panama City Balboa eff 01DEC16 2 weekly (Day 47)
* Medellin – Panama City Balboa eff 02DEC16 4 weekly (Day x146)
San Andres Island – Barranquilla eff 02DEC16 3 weekly (Day 356)
San Andres Island – Cali eff 01DEC16 5 weekly (Day x12)
San Andres Island – Cartagena eff 01DEC16 5 weekly (Day x12)
San Jose Costa Rica – Guatemala City eff 01DEC16 3 weekly (Day 146)
* San Jose Costa Rica – Panama City Balboa eff 01DEC16 5 weekly (Day x23)

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