Lufthansa outlines SunExpress Germany 737 operation in 4Q17

Lufthansa during the month of November and December 2017 is leasing Boeing 737-800 aircraft from SunExpress Germany, which sees the latter operating selected European routes from Frankfurt and Munich.

Planned operation as follow.

Frankfurt – Athens 01NOV17 – 30NOV17 LH1282/1283
Frankfurt – Barcelona 01NOV17 – 14DEC17 LH1124/1125, except selected dates
Frankfurt – Madrid 01DEC17 – 15DEC17 LH1114/1115
Munich – Madrid 01NOV17 – 23DEC17 LH1800/1801 Day x67 (Daily 16DEC17 – 23DEC17)
Munich – Oslo 01NOV17 – 23DEC17 LH2454/2455 Day x67 (Daily 16DEC17 – 23DEC17)