Far Eastern adds new cross-strait routes in 4Q17

Taiwan’s Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) in the 4th quarter is adding new cross-strait sectors between Taiwan and Mainland China, including new launch to Fuzhou and Xiamen. Planned schedules as follow.

Kaohsiung – Fuzhou eff 14DEC17 2 weekly
FE171 KHH0655 – 0855FOC M82 14
FE172 FOC0955 – 1145KHH M82 14

Kaohsiung – Xiamen eff 19DEC17 2 weekly
FE175 KHH0655 – 0835XMN M82 25
FE176 XMN1450 – 1615KHH M82 25

Taichung – Xiamen eff 19DEC17 2 weekly
FE925 RMQ1220 – 1350XMN M82 25
FE926 XMN0935 – 1105RMQ M82 25

Taipei Song Shan – Fuzhou eff 29NOV17 3 weekly
FE109 TSA1040 – 1215FOC M82 135
FE110 FOC1320 – 1450TSA M82 135

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