Ethiopian updates planned European changes from Dec 2018

Ethiopian during Wednesday’s schedule update (06JUN18) revised planned service adjustment for its European network, scheduled to commence from the week of 01DEC18. Latest adjustment now sees the airline pushed back effective date by 7-14 days.

Addis Ababa – Brussels – Manchester eff 11DEC18 4 weekly 787-8 service (Previously scheduled from 02DEC18). Manchester is a new destination for the airline
Addis Ababa – Madrid – Barcelona eff 12DEC18 Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly (ET continues to operate 4 weekly Addis Ababa – Madrid sector), 787-8 operating (Previously scheduled from 01DEC18)
Addis Ababa – Rome – Geneva eff 07DEC18 3 weekly service to Geneva operates via Rome, replacing Milan. 1 of 3 weekly operated by 777-200LR instead of 787-8 from ADD (Inbound continues to display 787; Previously scheduled from 02DEC18)
In addition, overall service to Rome reduces from 10 to 7 weekly from 09DEC18, instead of 01DEC18

Addis Ababa – Rome – Milan Malpensa eff 13DEC18 3 of 4 weekly service operated by 777-200LR, replacing 787-8 (Previously scheduled from 13DEC18)
Addis Ababa – Vienna – Brussels eff 13DEC18 ET724/725 service reduces from 7 to 4 weekly (Overall service to Brussels remains unchanged at 7 weekly, Vienna reduced from 7 to 6 weekly; Previously scheduled from 01DEC18)
Addis Ababa – Vienna – Milan Malpensa eff 12DEC18 3 weekly 787-8/-9, replacing Addis Ababa – Milan Malpensa – Geneva (Overall service to Milan increases from 6 to 7 weekly; Previously scheduled from 02DEC18)