Fuji Dream Airlines suspends scheduled operation 28APR20 – 17MAY20

Japanese carrier Fuji Dream Airlines on last Friday (24APR20) announced it will suspend all scheduled passenger operation on temporary basis, for the period of 28APR20 – 17MAY20. Due to this latest decision, following routes will be cancelled. Operational frequency is based on summer 2020 season, announced in late-January 2020.

Fukuoka – Niigata 1 daily
Kobe – Aomori 1 daily (new route launched on 29MAR20)
Kobe – Izumo 1 daily
Kobe – Kochi 2 daily
Matsumoto – Fukuoka
2 daily
Matsumoto – Kobe
1 daily
Matsumoto – Sapporo New Chitose
1 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Aomori
4 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Fukuoka 5 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Iwate-Hanamaki 4 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Izumo 2 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Kochi 3 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Kumamoto 3 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Niigata 2 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Yamagata 2 daily
Sapporo New Chitose – Yamagata 1 daily
Sendai – Izumo 1 daily
Shizuoka – Fukuoka 4 daily
Shizuoka – Izumo 1 daily
Shizuoka – Kagoshima 1 daily
Shizuoka – Kitakyushu 1 daily

Shizuoka – Sapporo Okadama 1 daily

Prior to the announcement on 24APR20, the airline on 21APR20 announced service reduction up to 31MAY20, which would see the airline operates following routes during the period of 29APR20 – 31MAY20:
Matsumoto – Fukuoka 1 daily
Nagoya Komaki – Fukuoka 1 daily
Shizuoka – Fukuoka 1 daily

The airline’s operation for the period of 18MAY20 – 31MAY20 remains pending, while reservation is suspended for the moment. The airline plans to provide further update by 08MAY20.

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