ANA/Continental codeshare launch

ANA and Continental Airlines from 28MAR10 will launch codeshare operation. Initially ANA’s “NH” code is placed on selected Continental domestic US Service, and Continental’s “CO” code appears on ANA’s Trans-Pacific and Domestic Japan service via Tokyo Narita.

Codeshare routes and flight numbers as follows (subject to change):

ROUTE NH Codeshare CO Operating
Chicago – Houston NH6496 CO447
Houston – Chicago NH6497 CO1746
Los Angeles – Houston NH6490 CO053
Houston – Los Angeles NH6491 CO1495
San Francisco – Houston NH6492 CO093
Houston – San Francisco NH6493 CO092
CO Codeshare NH Operating
Chicago – Tokyo Narita NH011 CO4461
Tokyo Narita – Chicago NH012 CO4462
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita NH1051 CO4463
Tokyo Narita – Honolulu NH1052 CO4464
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita NH005 CO4455
Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles NH006 CO4456
New York JFK – Tokyo Narita NH009 CO4459
Tokyo Narita – New York JFK NH010 CO4460
San Francisco – Tokyo Narita NH007 CO4457
Tokyo Narita – San Francisco NH008 CO4458
Washington – Tokyo Narita NH001 CO4451
Tokyo Narita – Washington NH002 CO4452
Tokyo Narita – Fukuoka NH2143 CO4477
Fukuoka – Tokyo Narita NH2144 CO4478
Tokyo Narita – Nagoya NH339 CO4487
Nagoya – Tokyo Narita NH3204 CO4488
Tokyo Narita – Okinawa NH2159 CO4489
Okinawa – Tokyo Narita NH2158 CO4490
Tokyo Narita – Osaka Itami NH2177
Osaka Itami – Tokyo Narita NH2178 CO4484