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ANA Aeroportos de Portugal - Lisbon Airport

  • PAX: 32,125,137

About The Airport

LIS, your opportunity destination in 5 key points: 

1. Portugal, the fastest growing market in Europe
With 66.3 M pax in 2023, the number of passengers in Portugal grew by 12% between 2019 and 2023.
In terms of capacity offered since 2015, Portugal shows the fastest growing trend in Europe, before Greece, Italy or Spain.

2. LIS, a top tier airport in Europe
From number 2028 in Europe back in 2010, LIS airport now ranks number 13, with 33.7M passengers in 2023.

3. LIS, the first gateway to Brazil in Europe
Lisbon airport holds 36% of all Europe’s seats to Brazil and represents a connecting market opportunity for many of our partner airlines.

4. A booming touristic destination
2023 is the best year even for tourism in Lisbon with 6,4 M tourists between December 2022 and November 2023, ie +9% vs 2019.
Among the main unserved markets, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand are already fully recovery with growing numbers vs 2019.

5. Portugal & Lisbon, an increasing economic attractiveness
#2 country in Europe by GDP growth in 2023.
#1 country in Europe by growth of FDI and #5 by volume.

LIS: Did you know ?

  • With 1M tourists in 2023 (Dec 2022-Nov 2023), the US are the top touristic market in Lisbon before the European neighbors.
  • 23% of LIS outbound passengers (meaning living in Portugal) in S23 are foreigners. With the growth of the foreign communities with higher purchasing power in Lisbon, the airport and airlines partners are benefitting from an increase of demand.
  • 9% of LIS passengers are flying in and out from different airports. There were 3% in S19.
  • As for the passengers number, the cargo traffic is also booming in LIS : 155 800 tons were flown in 2023, ie +12% more than in 2019.

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