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Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

  • PAX: 62,335,000

About The Airport

Opened in 1998, KL International Airport (KLIA) is one of the region’s major aviation hubs. Located on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, bordering the states of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, the airport is approximately 50 km from Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. A good network of highways and expressways links KLIA to the rest of Peninsula Malaysia. It was first built with a capacity of 25 mppa with two independent Runway, the Main Terminal has since been optimised to handle up to 30 mppa.

In May 2014, its second terminal, klia2, was opened just 2 km away from KLIA’s Main Terminal. Built with a capacity of 45 mppa, klia2 is also accessible via the same network of highways and expressways that links the airport to surrounding major cities.

KLIA possesses world standard facilities and is equipped to accommodate the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. A huge variety of international and local retail brand and duty-free outlets, cafés, restaurants, as well as premium passenger lounges are available at the airport for your travelling convenience and comfort. It is a passenger-friendly airport with facilities to ease the flow of passengers, keep you entertained while waiting for your flights and provide a seamless travelling experience for everyone.

KLIA has three independent Runway that run at approximately 4,000 m length each to serve both the main terminal and klia2 terminal. The airport caters to more than 60 airlines, as well as serves more than 120 direct destinations and more than 1,000 indirectly.

Apart from travelling by car or other modes of public transportation to go to KLIA, passengers can ride the high-speed train KL Ekspres or KLIA Transit by Express Rail Link (ERL). Both KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit connect KLIA from the City Air Terminal (CAT) at KL Sentral, where departing passengers can check-in for their outbound flights before boarding the train for KLIA. Travel time between KL Sentral and KLIA’s Main Terminal Building is only 28 minutes on the KLIA Ekspres and 37 minutes on the KLIA Transit. Passengers can get to klia2 from KLIA Main Terminal via a 3-minute inter-terminal train ride with the same ERL system, or via the inter-terminal airport shuttle bus.

Facts and Figures

  • Number of Terminals: 2
  • Number of Runways: 3
  • Passenger Numbers (mppa): 62,335,000 (2019)
  • Cargo Tonnes (p.a.): 687,174 metric tonnes (2019)
  • Ownership: Malaysia Airports