On-site Meeting System

Pack more meetings into your diary with the On-site Meeting System at Routes Silk Road.

With real-time updates and round the clock functionality, the On-site Meeting System ensures that delegates are able to capitalise on the informal meeting opportunities at Routes events. Providing you with even more opportunities to arrange meetings with your target organisations, the On-site Meeting System will be available one week before the event. Use your time on-site more productively by submitting meeting requests before arriving at the event.

3 easy steps to using the On-site Meeting System

On-Site Meeting System 1

1: Login

Choose how you want to log in: at routesonline.com via the Routes app, or at one of the dedicated Meeting Stations around the event, indicated on the event floorplan.

All you will need is your Personal Registration Code (PRC) and your surname as it appears on your delegate badge.


2: Request your meetings

  • Select the delegates from your own company.
  • Choose the location where you would like the meeting to take place (B).
  • Select the company that you wish to meet and the meeting slots in which you are available.
  • Press the ‘Request Meeting’ button (C). You will receive a notification as soon as you receive a reply.


3: Reply to requests

  • To reply to a meeting request, use the ‘Requests In’ tab D to view your notifications.
  • Click on the relevant request, review and click Accept,
    Decline, or Reply (E) to suggest alternative times, location etc.
  • Once you have accepted the meeting, your diary will be automatically updated.

For further information about the On-site Meeting System please email Simon Baxendale, Senior Scheduling & Registration Manager.