Why Nur-Sultan?

Following swift progress after investment in the country’s infrastructure, Kazakhstan has seen rapid economic development, and we are sure that hosting Routes Silk Road 2019 will further help them to achieve their objectives.

Recently renamed in honour of the country's longtime leader who resigned earlier this year, Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana, is the world's youngest capital city. Boasting futuristic architecture and with a reputation of being one of the world’s top Smart Cities, Nur-Sultan will be a unique experience for our delegates.

Some cities grow for centuries, others for millennia, and there are cities that can grow in a few decades. Such phenomena include the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. The city became the country's capital in 1997, and for 20 years the city became the largest modern megalopolis, with developed infrastructure, transport networks and social sphere.

Nur-Sultan became the face of the state and entered the list of the 30 best cities in the world. Today, Nur-Sultan is the centre of the Eurasian space, accepting various forums, congresses and other events of international importance. The Congresses of Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions, the Astana Economic Forum and other internationally significant events are held on a regular basis. In 2017, Nur-Sultan hosted the international exhibition EXPO-2017 with "Future Energy" being the main theme.

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