Nur-Sultan City Guide

Explore the modern and futuristic architecture of the Left bank of the Yesil River, dive into the Soviet constructivism of the Right bank, explore the beautiful river embankment, and experience unique Kazakh hospitality during your stay in the country for Routes Silk Road 2019.

The Right Bank


Enjoy the cosy and warm old centre of Nur-Sultan, inherited from the Soviet Union, where old and new traditions combine.

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The Left Bank


Experience the modern, futuristic side of Nur-Sultan, located in the heart of Eurasia.

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Mega Silkway

As French writer Victor Hugo once wrote, “As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.” If you relate to that sentiment and love a good day of shopping, then Astana is the city for you.

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Parks and Recreation

Presidential Park

Stretching from the president’s residence Akorda to the Khan-Shatyr shopping and entertainment centre, Nurzhol Boulevard hosts several large architectural creations well worth a visit. 

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History and Culture

Astana Ballet

Experience the warmth of Kazakh hospitality with a visit to one of the country's unique cultural sites and explore the modern history of the peaceful and tolerant nation.

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Visit some of the country's most spiritual sites, which encourage the important Kazakh tradition of interethnic and interfaith harmony and friendship.

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Surrounding Regions


From the notorious camp for wives of traitors to nature reserves home to over 500 species of plants and stunning mountainous views, there's something for everyone in the surrounding regions of Nur-Sultan.  

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