Iran Air / Syrian Arab / Conviasa trio codeshare

Conviasa/V0 (Venezuela) and Syrian Arab Airlines/RB has begun codesharing on Iran Air’s weekly flight on the Tehran – Damascus – Caracas route.

The flight is operated by Iran Air’s 747SP in C22Y279 configuration. Current schedule below:

IR744 THR0500 – 0715DAM0845 – 1545CCS 74L 5
IR745 CCS1845 – 1415DAM1545 – 1845THR 74L 6

Iran Air has 5th freedom rights on DAM – CCS sector. However, Conviasa does not have traffic rights on Tehran – Damascus routing sector

Route V0 Codeshare IR Operating
Tehran – Damascus – Caracas V03744 IR744
Caracas – Damascus – Tehran V03745 IR745
RB Codeshare IR Operating
Damascus – Caracas RB1744 IR744
Caracas – Damascus RB1745 IR745