Swiss carrier Powdair outlines Sion W17 operations

Powdair, a new start-up virtual carrier based in Sion, Switzerland, has announced initial operations when it begins operation in December 2017. Branded itself as “snow-sports airline”, the carrier plans to operate following routes with Embraer E170 aircraft.

Sion – Antwerp eff 14DEC17 4 weekly (Day x267)
Sion – Bristol eff 14DEC17 3 weekly (Day 467)
Sion – Edinburgh eff 17DEC17 2 weekly (Day 37)
Sion – Hamburg eff 15DEC17 2 weekly (Day 15)
Sion – London Luton eff 15DEC17 5 weekly (Day x24)
Sion – London Southend eff 14DEC17 2 weekly (Day 46)
Sion – Manchester eff 14DEC17 2 weekly (Day 46)
Sion – Southampton eff 15DEC17 4 weekly (Day x246)

The airline’s current winter schedule listing is effective until 16APR18.