Turkish Airlines S18 Long-haul changes as of 10NOV17

Turkish Airlines in recent weeks made additional changes to its planned summer 2018 long-haul service, effective from 25MAR18. Planned changes as of 10NOV17 as follows.

Istanbul Ataturk – Atlanta A330-200 continues operating 5 weekly, replacing -300
Istanbul Ataturk – Casablanca eff 25MAR18 Reflected in previous schedule but not reported, 777-300ER replaces A330-300, 1 daily
Istanbul Ataturk – Islamabad A330-300 continues operating 1 daily, replacing -200
Istanbul Ataturk – Kabul A330-200 replaces -300 during following period:
03APR18 – 05JUN18 Day 126
08JUN18 – 27OCT18 Day x347

Istanbul Ataturk – Lagos A330-300 continues operating 1 daily, replacing -200
Istanbul Ataturk – Miami 26MAR18 – 04JUN18 Service operates 6 weekly (Day x4) instead of daily, 777-300ER service
Istanbul Ataturk – Nairobi Additional changes to planned operational aircraft:
25MAR18 – 30APR18 Day 7 from IST, Day 1 from NBO operated by 737-800, instead of A330-200
eff 01MAY18 A330-200 operates daily, replacing 737-800

Istanbul Ataturk – New York JFK TK011/012 operated by A330-300 instead of 777-300ER (overall 13 weekly 777 and 8 weekly A330-300):
31MAR18 – 26APR18 Day 5
28APR18 – 29APR18 Day 67
07JUN18 – 25OCT18 Day 4

Istanbul Ataturk – Tashkent eff 25MAR18 A330-300 operates Day 245 from IST, Day 356 from TAS, replacing -200

Previously reported changes:
Istanbul Ataturk – Aqaba eff 18MAR18 Service resumption, 3 weekly 737-800
Istanbul Ataturk – Cape Town eff 25MAR18 A330-200 replaces -300, 5 weekly in Northern summer season
Istanbul Ataturk – Kuala Lumpur eff 07MAY18 A330-300 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Istanbul Ataturk – Mahe Island eff 26MAR18 2 of 3 weekly operated by A330-200, instead of -300
Istanbul Ataturk – Male – Colombo 01MAY18 – 01JUL18 Service reduces from 7 to 5 weekly, A330-300 service
Istanbul Ataturk – Samarkand eff 16MAR18 NEW 1 weekly 737-800 service, 2 weekly from 27MAR18
Istanbul Ataturk – Tokyo Narita eff 07MAY18 777-300ER replaces A330-300, 1 daily

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