Loganair expands East Midlands network from late-Oct 2019

Loganair at the launch of winter 2019/20 season is launching 2 new routes from East Midlands, currently served by flyBe, which the latter discontinue services for Edinburgh and Glasgow from 27OCT19.

Loganair service commences on 27OCT19 with following schedules.

East Midlands – Edinburgh eff 27OCT19 4 daily
LM362 EMA0830 – 0940EDI ER4 D
LM364 EMA1440 – 1550EDI ER4 x67
LM366 EMA1740 – 1850EDI ER4 57
LM366 EMA1800 – 1910EDI ER4 x567
LM368 EMA1955 – 2105EDI ER4 x6
LM370 EMA2110 – 2220EDI ER4 5

LM361 EDI0650 – 0800EMA ER4 x7
LM363 EDI1200 – 1310EMA ER4 7
LM365 EDI1430 – 1540EMA ER4 x6
LM367 EDI1620 – 1730EMA ER4 x67
LM369 EDI1930 – 2040EMA ER4 7
LM369 EDI1940 – 2050EMA ER4 x67

East Midlands – Glasgow eff 27OCT19 1 daily
LM232 EMA0830 – 0940GLA ER4 6
LM234 EMA1210 – 1320GLA ER4 x67
LM238 EMA2120 – 2230GLA ER4 x67
LM238 EMA2040 – 2150GLA ER4 7

LM231 GLA0655 – 0800EMA ER4 6
LM233 GLA1030 – 1135EMA ER4 x67
LM237 GLA1905 – 2010EMA ER4 7
LM237 GLA1945 – 2050EMA ER4 x67