Volotea S20 network additions as of 10OCT19

Volotea in recent weeks filed network additions for summer 2020 season, on board Boeing 717 and Airbus A319 aircraft. As of 10OCT19, planned network additions as follow.

Athens – Cagliari eff 29MAY20 2 weekly A319
Athens – Marseille eff 20MAY20 2 weekly A319
Athens – Lyon eff 18APR20 2 weekly A319
Athens – Split eff 19APR20 2 weekly 717 (A319/717 from 03JUN20)
Cagliari – Bilbao eff 30MAY20 1 weekly A319 (717 from 04JUL20)
Cagliari – Deauville eff 14APR20 1 weekly A319
Cagliari – Hannover eff 13JUN20 1 weekly A319
Genoa – Irakleion eff 08JUL20 1 weekly 717
Lyon – Malaga eff 17APR20 2 weekly A319 (A319/717 from 06JUL20)
Lyon – Thira eff 22APR20 1 weekly A319
Nantes – Nice eff 10APR20 2 weekly A319
Nantes – Varna eff 14APR20 1 weekly A319
Strasbourg – Barcelona eff 10APR20 2 weekly A319
Strasbourg – Palma Mallorca eff 13MAY20 1 weekly A319

Previously reported, the airline is launching Marseille – Castellon service from 14APR20. Initially service to be operated by Boeing 717 once weekly, switching to A319 from 02JUN20, however this has been modified to A319-only.