Qazaq Air adds domestic sectors from Nur-Sultan in Jan 2020

Qazaq Air this week is adding 2 domestic sectors from Nur-Sultan, on board Dash8-Q400 aircraft. Planned new routes as follows.

Nur-Sultan – Petropavlovsk eff 06JAN20 2 weekly Dash8-Q400
IQ437 TSE0815 – 0925PPK DH4 3
IQ437 TSE0855 – 1005PPK DH4 1

IQ438 PPK0955 – 1100TSE DH4 3
IQ438 PPK1040 – 1150TSE DH4 1

Nur-Sultan – Taldykorgan eff 05JAN20 1 daily Dash8-Q400
IQ411 TSE1155 – 1350TDK DH4 6
IQ411 TSE1200 – 1345TDK DH4 2
IQ411 TSE1255 – 1440TDK DH4 x236
IQ411 TSE1335 – 1515TDK DH4 3

IQ412 TDK1415 – 1600TSE DH4 2
IQ412 TDK1425 – 1610TSE DH4 6
IQ412 TDK1510 – 1655TSE DH4 x236
IQ412 TDK1545 – 1730TSE DH4 3

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