FlyArystan expands domestic network in July/August 2020

FlyArystan in July and August 2020 plans to expand service at Atyrau, Karaganda and Shymkent, as the airline schedules 14 new routes, announced since late-May 2020. Planned operation as follows.

Aktobe – Karaganda eff 02AUG20 2 weekly
Atyrau – Aktau
eff 15JUL20 1 daily
Atyrau – Aktobe eff 16JUL20 4 weekly
Atyrau – Almaty
eff 18JUL20 2 weekly
Atyrau – Karaganda eff 15JUL20 3 weekly
Atyrau – Kostanay eff 16JUL20 2 weekly
Atyrau – Kyzylorda eff 17JUL20 2 weekly
Atyrau – Nur-Sultan eff 16JUL20 2 weekly
Atyrau – Shymkent eff 01JUL20 2 weekly (4 weekly from 16JUL20)
Atyrau – Uralsk eff 15JUL20 2 weekly
Shymkent – Karaganda
eff 02AUG20 3 weekly
Shymkent – Kostanay eff 15JUL20 2 weekly
Shymkent – Pavlodar eff 01AUG20 2 weekly
Shymkent – Ust-Kamenogorsk eff 03AUG20 2 weekly

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