About the Host

Unoted Airports of Georgia United Airports of Georgia LLC, is a 100% state owned by The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. As the airports authority of the state, UAG owns all airports in the country, including 3 international and 1 domestic airports at the moment. All those airport terminals have been fully rebuilt and all airport infrastructure has been modernized during last 8 years.

Tbilisi International Airport New Terminal opened in February of 2007. The airport is operated by the TAV Airports Holding Co.

Batumi International Airport started operation in May of 2007. The airport is operated by TAV Airports Holding Co.

Mestia Airport (Queen Tamar Airport) was officially opened in December 2010 to support mountain regions of Georgia and facilitates tourism development. The airport is operated by UAG.

Kutaisi David The Builder International Airport was opened in September, 2012. Kutaisi Airport is first low cost airport in the whole region and is focused to attract low cost carriers and facilitate tourism development in the country. Kutaisi Airports is also operated by UAG.