Routes Africa 2019

The route development forum for Africa

Mombasa, Kenya
8 – 10 December 2019

Why Kenya

The host destination for Routes Africa 2019, Kenya is one of the world’s great tourism destinations, known for its remarkable diversity of landscapes, wildlife and cultures.

Why Kenya

From sweeping savannahs to tropical beaches and coral reef, dense equatorial forests to mighty snow-capped mountains and more, Kenya is a world unto itself. With a population of about 50 million people, Kenya enjoys cultural diversity drawn from 42 ethnic groups, each with its own language and traditions. Kenya is one of the top agricultural producers in Africa thanks to the rich soil of the Kenyan highlands. Coffee, tea, tobacco, cotton, pyrethrum, flowers, cashew nuts and sisal are Kenya's cash crops, with fruit, vegetables, beans, and cassava emerging as key crops for subsistence. Cattle, goats and sheep are also important agricultural products. Major export markets include Kenya's neighbouring countries, as well as several European and Asian countries, and the United States.

Kenya has successfully held a range of important conferences: 

  • World Trade Organization Conference
  • Pre – Global Entrepreneurship Summit Exhibition
  • Africa Travel Association Congress
  • Kenya International and Investment Conference (KIICO)
  • The 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development
  • Sustainable Blue Economy Conference
  • The United Nations Conference  on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

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