MEA 01–22JUL20 operations as of 30JUN20

Middle East Airlines (MEA) starting today (01JUL20) resume scheduled passenger service, initially operating with reduced frequencies. Planned operation for the period of 01JUL20 – 22JUL20, based on the airline’s statement on 30JUN20, as follows.

Various travel restrictions will impact the airline’s passenger traffic rights and planned operation.

Beirut – Athens eff 04JUL20 2 weekly (3 weekly from 12JUL20)
Beirut – Brussels eff 04JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly form 11JUL20)
Beirut –
Cairo eff 02JUL20 3 weekly
Beirut – Copenhagen eff 03JUL20 2 weekly
Beirut – Dubai
eff 07JUL20 1 daily
Beirut – Frankfurt eff 03JUL20 5 weekly
Beirut – Geneva eff 04JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 13JUL20)
Beirut – Istanbul eff 02JUL20 5 weekly
Beirut – Larnaca eff 05JUL20 3-4 weekly
Beirut – London Heathrow eff 01JUL20 5 weekly (4 weekly from 08JUL20)
Beirut – Madrid eff 09JUL20 1 weekly
Beirut – Milan Malpensa eff 13JUL20 1 weekly
Beirut – Paris CDG eff 01JUL20 1 daily (9 weekly from 11JUL20)
Beirut – Rome eff 09JUL20 1 weekly

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