AIRFRANCE S11 initial long-haul operation overview as of 10DEC10

Edit: Minor modification as of 11DEC10, for Atlanta service

The following is initial long-haul operation changes for AIRFRANCE in Summer 2011 season, effective 27MAR11. Note further changes are possible, information are as of 10DEC10 GDS timetable display.

In Summer 2011 season, the Skyteam carrier is launching/resuming a total of 5 destinations (to date): Freetown, Monrovia, Lima, Orlando and Phnom Penh. Plus it is introducing Airbus A380 service on service to Montreal and Washington Dulles in Summer 2011 (some of these has been posted on the blog previously)

Paris CDG – Abidjan Day 6 Boeing 777-200ER replace -300ER
Paris CDG – Antananarivo 27MAR11 – 05JUN11 Airbus A340-300 replace Boeing 777-300ER
Paris CDG – Atlanta Introduction of 2nd Daily service eff 27MAR11. Overall service increases from 3 to 4 Daily including service operated by DELTA
AF682 CDG1040 – 1405ATL 772 D
AF688 CDG1330 – 1645ATL 772 D

AF681 ATL1750 – 0810+1CDG 772 D
AF689 ATL2055 – 1120+1CDG 772 D

AF682/683 operated by 4-class Boeing 777-200ER
AF688/689 operated by 3-class Boeing 777-200ER

Paris CDG – Bangalore Daily Airbus A330-200 service maintained in Summer 2011, compared to 6 weekly in Summer 2010
Paris CDG – Bangui 1 weekly service maintained in Summer 2011, compared to 2 weekly in Summer 2010
Paris CDG – Bangkok eff 09MAY11 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replace Airbus A340-300.
Paris CDG – Bangkok – Phnom Penh Service resumption (posted on the blog on 21OCT10) operating 3 times a week, eff 07MAY11 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replace Airbus A340-300
Paris CDG – Cairo Boeing 777-200ER replace Airbus A330-200 on AF508/503 on 2 of 7 weekly service
Paris CDG – Conakry – Freetown NEW 2 weekly service eff 27MAR11
AF774 CDG1030 – 1440CKY1605 – 1640FNA 332 27
AF775 FNA1955 – 2035CKY2205 – 0600+1CDG 332 27

Paris CDG – Conakry – Monrovia NEW 2 weekly service eff 27MAR11, increase to 3 from 06JUN11
AF772 CDG1030 – 1440CKY1605 – 1710ROB 332 135
AF771 ROB1930 – 2035CKY2205 – 0600+1CDG 332 135

Day 1 service effective 06JUN11

Overall service to Conakry increases from 4 to 5 weekly

Paris CDG – Dubai Boeing 777-200ER operates 1 to 2 weekly, replace -300ER
Paris CDG – Guangzhou 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replace Airbus A340-300, service operates 3 weekly, compared to 4 in Summer 2010
Paris CDG – Ho Chi Minh city 3 weekly nonstop 3-class Boeing 777-300ER continues operation
Paris CDG – Houston Boeing 777-200ER to operate along with -300ER, a capacity reduction compared to Summer 2010
27MAR11 – 06JUN11 772 Day 127 77W Day x127
07JUN11 – 25OCT11 772 Day 17 77W Day x17

Paris CDG – Jeddah – Djibouti Introduced since 29NOV10, Service to Jeddah continues with 3 weekly Airbus A330-200, while Djibouti overall service increase from 1 to 3 weekly, replacing nonstop service
Paris CDG – Lima Service resumption from 21JUN11, 5 weekly 3-class Boeing 777-200ER service (posted on 23SEP10)
Paris CDG – Miami Boeing 747-400 aircraft operates Daily for entire summer season
Paris CDG – Montreal Introduction of Airbus A380 service from 09MAY11 to 04SEP11 (posted on 08OCT10)
Paris CDG – Mumbai Airbus A340-300 operates in Summer 2011, compared to 777-200ER in S10
Paris CDG – New York JFK Overall 6th Daily service to be operated by DELTA
Paris CDG – Orlando eff 07JUN11 NEW 3 weekly service with 3-class Boeing 777-300ER (posted on 24SEP10)
Paris CDG – Osaka 3-class Boeing 777-200ER operates in S11, compared to -300ER in S10. First Class service canceled
Paris CDG – Pointe Noire 5th weekly service introduced in Winter 2010 maintained in Summer 2011
Paris CDG – Punta Cana Boeing 747-400 operates 3 weekly in Summer 2011, replace 777-300ER in S10
Paris CDG – Rio de Janeiro eff 04MAY11 AF442/443 3-class Boeing 777-300ER replace 747-400
Paris CDG – Riyadh Service reduction to 3 weekly (Airbus A330-200 replace A319) from January 2011 maintained in Summer 2011
Paris CDG – San Francisco Summer seasonal increase from 7 to 10 weekly in effect from 26JUN11 to 01SEP11. Extra flights operated by Boeing 747-400, replacing A340-300
AF084 CDG1040 – 1250SFO 744 D
AF080 CDG1340 – 1545SFO 744 247

AF083 SFO1535 – 1100+1CDG 744 D
AF085 SFO1835 – 1355+1CDG 744 247

Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon Day 567 Boeing 777-300ER replace -200ER (ICN departure Day 167)
Paris CDG – Shanghai Pu Dong AF116/117 Boeing 777-300ER operates in Summer 2011, replace -200ER in S10
Paris CDG – Washington Dulles Introduction of Airbus A380 from 06JUN11 to 05SEP11 (posted on 30NOV10)