KLM S11 Long-haul operation changes as of 02DEC10

As per 02DEC10 GDS timetable display, NEW changes to KLM’s planned Summer 2011 International operation as follows. In total there are 20 routes sees new modification

Note all specific flights, operational periods and days mentioned below remains subject to change:

Amsterdam – Almaty Increase from 4 to 5 weekly
Amsterdam – Cairo Planned 2 weekly 747-400COMBI operation replacing 777-200ER canceled. Daily 777-200ER operation
Amsterdam – Calgary Planned MD11 operation period reduced; Planned 6th weekly service is canceled
27MAR11 – 11JUN11 332 Day x15
12JUN11 – 27AUG11 M11 Day x15
28AUG11 – 29OCT11 332 Day x15

Amsterdam – Chengdu eff 27MAR11 Boeing 747-400COMBI replace 777-200, operating for entire Summer season (S10 was 332 and 772)
Amsterdam – Entebbe – Kigali 27MAR11 – 31AUG11 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly
Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro – Dar es Salaam – Amsterdam Boeing 777-300ER to operate the service once again for a limited period. Planned service reduction from Daily to 5 weekly in Apr/May 2011 is now back in effect
27MAR11 – 30MAY11 772 Day x24
31MAY11 – 31JUL11 772 Daily
01AUG11 – 29OCT11 77W Day 14 772 Day x14

Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta Boeing 777-300ER to operate 5 weekly for entire S11. Planned 6th weekly 77W service from mid-August 2011 canceled
77W Day x25 772 Day 25 (CGK/KUL departs following day)

Amsterdam – Lima Planned 3 weekly Boeing 777-300ER operation canceled. Daily 777-200ER operating
Amsterdam – Manila Boeing 777-300ER to operate 4 weekly for entire S11. Planned 5th weekly 77W service from mid-August 2011 canceled. There are operational day change compared to previous update
77W Day x135 772 Day 135 (MNL departs following day)

Amsterdam – Nairobi 28MAR11 – 03JUN11 747-400COMBI replace 747-400PAX on Day 135 (Day 246 from NBO)
Amsterdam – New York JFK Revised planned aircraft operation
30MAR11 – 04JUN11 772 Day 45 74M Day 26 744 Day 137
05JUN11 – 29OCT11 772 Day 45 74M Day 6 744 Day x456

30MAR11 – 23OCT11 74M Day x246 772 Day 246

Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai Boeing 777-300ER aircraft enters operation on 2-3 weekly service, pending on operational period (KIX departs following day)
31MAR11 – 02AUG11 77W Day 36 772 Day x36
03AUG11 – 29OCT11 77W Day 356 772 Day x356

Amsterdam – Sao Paulo Boeing 777-300ER aircraft operating 3 weekly instead of 2 weekly. 4th weekly 777-300ER service from August 2011
27MAR11 – 02AUG11 77W Day 135 772 Day x135
03AUG11 – 29OCT11 77W Day x247 772 Day 247

Amsterdam – Toronto Planned MD11 operation replaced by A330-200 or 777
KL691/692 332 Day x4 (332 replace 747
KL695/696 74M Day x357 772 Day 357

Amsterdam – Vancouver Planned Boeing 777-200ER operation canceled. MD11 continues to operate the service. Daily from 27MAR11 instead of May 2011 remains on course

Planned service resumption or new service appeared on this blog:
Amsterdam – Miami Service Resumes from 27MAR11, 4 weekly MD11
Amsterdam – Xiamen New 3 weekly service from 27MAR11 with 777-200ER

Also previously appeared on this blog, other planned S11 Operations remains unchanged for the moment
Amsterdam – Cape Town eff 30APR11 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
Amsterdam – Panama City Planned service reduction from 6 to 5 weekly from 28MAR11 to 05JUN11, CANCELED. Service maintains 6 weekly, though there are operational day changes
27MAR11 – 05JUN11 Day x5 06JUN11 – 28OCT11 Day x6
Amsterdam – San Francisco Planned aircraft changes, 747-400 replace 777-200ER/-300ER from mid-August 2011 remains unchanged
01APR11 – 13AUG11 77W Day x247 772 Day 247
14AUG11 – 29OCT11 744 Daily

Amsterdam – Seoul Incheon Increase from 6 weekly to Daily

Again, above mentioned changes are subject to further changes