Azul adds Sao Paulo Congonhas – Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont route in late-Aug 2019

Brazilian carrier Azul in late-August 2019 is launching new service on Sao Paulo Congonhas – Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont route, operating up to 16 daily flights. The airline schedules first flight on 29AUG19, where this route will be served by a mix of Embraer E190/195 aircraft.

AD4850 CGH0615 – 0725SDU E95 D
AD4852 CGH0730 – 0840SDU E95 D
AD4854 CGH0815 – 0925SDU E90 D
AD4856 CGH0900 – 1010SDU E90 D
AD4858 CGH1000 – 1110SDU E95 D
AD4884 CGH1125 – 1235SDU E95 x6
AD4864 CGH1155 – 1300SDU E95 x67
AD4860 CGH1210 – 1320SDU E90 D
AD4864 CGH1310 – 1415SDU E95 6
AD4862 CGH1425 – 1535SDU E95 D
AD4866 CGH1555 – 1705SDU E90 D
AD4882 CGH1715 – 1825SDU E95 5
AD4868 CGH1730 – 1840SDU E95 D
AD4870 CGH1810 – 1920SDU E95 x5
AD4872 CGH1900 – 2010SDU E95 D
AD4874 CGH1950 – 2100SDU E95 5
AD4874 CGH2000 – 2110SDU E95 x5
AD4876 CGH2030 – 2140SDU E90 D
AD4878 CGH2115 – 2225SDU E95 D

AD4851 SDU0615 – 0725CGH E90 D
AD4853 SDU0700 – 0810CGH E95 D
AD4855 SDU0750 – 0900CGH E95 D
AD4857 SDU0815 – 0925CGH E95 x6
AD4857 SDU0920 – 1030CGH E95 6
AD4885 SDU0945 – 1055CGH E95 x6
AD4859 SDU1020 – 1130CGH E90 D
AD4861 SDU1240 – 1350CGH E95 D
AD4863 SDU1355 – 1500CGH E95 x6
AD4865 SDU1410 – 1520CGH E90 D
AD4867 SDU1420 – 1530CGH E95 5
AD4867 SDU1455 – 1605CGH E95 x567
AD4867 SDU1500 – 1610CGH E95 67
AD4869 SDU1615 – 1725CGH E90 D
AD4871 SDU1650 – 1800CGH E95 D
AD4873 SDU1745 – 1855CGH E90 D
AD4875 SDU1835 – 1945CGH E95 x6
AD4881 SDU1900 – 2010CGH E95 6
AD4877 SDU1930 – 2040CGH E95 D
AD4879 SDU2115 – 2225CGH E95 D

AD4850/4851 does not operate on 29AUG19. AD4852/4853 on 29AUG19 operates as AD001/002.

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