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airBaltic carried 56% more passengers between Riga and Liepaja in Summer

The Latvian airline airBaltic carried more than 4,700 passengers on the Riga-Liepaja route in the three summer months, or 56% more than during the same period last year.

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, said: "This summer, we increased domestic flights to Liepaja from three to five flights a week, and we see a significant increase in passenger demand. We continue to expand this route by increasing the number of flights during the winter months. three to four flights a week. "

"This domestic route improves connections between the two cities, as well as from Liepaja to destinations on the airBaltic route network in Europe, Scandinavia, CIS and the Middle East. By increasing the number of flights between Riga and Liepaja, we will further improve Liepaja's connectivity with the rest of the world. "We provide enhanced connectivity for both business and leisure travelers," adds Martin Gauss.

During the summer season, airBaltic flies five times a week from Riga to Liepaja with the Bombardier Q400 NextGen, with passengers traveling for about 40 minutes. One-way fare is € 15 including airport charges.

A complete list of airBaltic flights is available on the company's website at