Flashback: New York – San Juan Sep 1972 schedule

Airlineroute on Monday (03APR17) reported American Airlines’ plan to end New York JFK – San Juan service, with last flight departing San Juan on 22AUG17. The oneWorld member launched this route in 1971, after acquisition of Trans Caribbean Airlines (reported by USAToday’s Today In The Sky, 03APR17).

Based on Official Airline Guide September 1972 Worldwide edition’s schedule listing, the following is operational schedule of overall New York – San Juan market (New York departure) for the second-half of September 1972, the launch of Fall schedule.

Based on schedule listing, American Airlines at the time operated 5 daily flights (4 from JFK, 1 from Newark), including several Boeing 747 services as well as Boeing 707-320 (B3F). Other carriers serving this route at the time includes Pan Am, Eastern Airlines with Boeing 707/747, L1011 Tristar and DC8.

AA677 JFK0725 – 1055SJU 747 D
EA923 JFK0730 – 1100SJU L10 x23
PA271 JFK0730 – 1100SJU 747 D
AA661 EWR0900 – 1225SJU B3F x2
EA967 EWR1120 – 1445SJU DC8 D
AA653 JFK1230 – 1600SJU B3F x67
AA653 JFK1230 – 1600SJU 747 67
EA939 JFK1230 – 1600SJU L10 D
PA293 JFK1300 – 1630SJU 707 D
PA295 JFK1700 – 2030SJU 707 D
EA297 JFK1730 – 2100SJU L10 D
AA665 JFK1745 – 2115SJU B3F D
EA929 JFK2330 – 0300+1SJU L10 D
PA299 JFK2330 – 0300+1SJU 747 67
PA299 JFK2330 – 0300+1SJU 707 x67
AA697 JFK2335 – 0305+1SJU 747 456
AA697 JFK2335 – 0305+1SJU B3F x456
EA917 EWR2355 – 0316+1SJU D8S 567