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About Us

KEYVAN Aviation is an EASA Type 1 DAT Provider-certified company headquartered in Istanbul that develops innovative Technologies and executes projects in the aviation field, swiftly growing to become a major Aviation Data Provider enterprise in Turkey and the international market.

KEYVAN’s primary activity area is divided into Aeronautical and Navigation Databases, charts, and Data Analytics Services. The final database is accessible to Avionics manufacturers, flight planners and simulators, operators and flying departments. Together with the certificate we received from the EASA, KEYVAN Aviation has become the 4th company in the World and the first company in Turkey to provide Aeronautical and navigation database services. Keyvan Training solutions are also validated by EASA and accredited by ACI World and our company is able to offer special training and consultancy solutions for Regulations, Procedure design, coding, and data analytics.

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