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  • Country/Region: Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Telephone: +9714 8879550
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  • Type: Commercial Supplier

Introduction to Delta World Charter

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Dubai, Delta World Charter is an aviation brokerage company that provides tailored solutions for lease and charter of Rotary & Fixed-wing aircraft, Private Jets, Commercial Airliners and Freighters globally. In 2016, the company spread its wings and opened its first overseas office in Moscow, Russian Federation.

We provide private and cargo charter services to our clients globally.You will discover unmatched peace of mind and simplicity in travel planning with us that will change your expectations from travelling for leisure, business or...

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Latest Delta World Charter News

How private aviation could fill first class void in post-coronavirus world


How private aviation could fill first class void in post coronavirus world. Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO of Delta World Charter, shares his thoughts in...

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