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The impact of Covid-19 for the future of tourism products and customer segments

Short and medium term impacts and opportunities in Japan

It's clear by now that Covid-19 will be with us for a while longer, and its after-effects will be significant. But what does this mean for countries like Japan whose economies rely so heavily on tourism?

In this week's podcast, Bonson Lam from Japan Travel KK shares his research on travel trends in the current pandemic. He also provides some insight into what may await the industry in the post-Covid world, as well as some hidden opportunities that may emerge. 

These opportunities are based on research in areas that were first to recover from Covid-19, looking at impacts on the type of tourism products that are likely to be popular, as well as likely demographic segments that are more resilient and likely to sustain a rebound in tourism into (and out of) Japan.

How do you think the travel industry will change in Japan in the coming months?