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About Us

Okinawa Prefecture, Japan's southernmost prefecture, is made up of 160 islands, has a mild year-round climate comparable to Hawaii, Miami and Cancun, and is easily accessible from Asia. 32 domestic routes from Naha Airport (OKA) to 30 destinations throughout Japan. 2020 will see the opening of OKA's second runway. There are also airports with international flights, such as Shimojishima Airport (SHI) and New Ishigaki Airport (ISG), and Okinawa aims to attract new airlines.

Blessed with stunning natural beauty, including lush forests, coral reefs and crystal blue waters with golden sands, Okinawa is an attractive destination not only for beach lovers and sports enthusiasts, but also for those seeking a culture with its own history and traditions. There are numerous foreign resort hotels on the main island of Okinawa, as well as on Miyako and Ishigaki islands. 

Okinawa's food culture is also unique, and the fresh ingredients produced by nature are considered an important factor in Okinawa's status as one of the five most long-lived regions in the world. Please feel free to visit our stand. If you are interested in flying to Okinawa, please contact us.