Routes Europe 2018

The route development forum for Europe

Bilbao, Basque Country
22 – 24 April 2018

About the Hosts

Routes Europe 2018 will be hosted by The Basque Government, The Bizkaia Government and Bilbao City Council.

As the hosts of Routes Europe 2018, The Basque Government, the provincial government of Biscay and Bilbao City Council are looking to improve the economic-global positioning of Bilbao-Bizkaia-Basque Country.

In light of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, a shared view of industrial development has been defined, in order to promote a competitive industrial ecosystem, in all its dimensions. Among the challenges of these new times, our ‘Industry 4.0’ has assumed a special role, with a paradigm shift requiring the Basque Industry to adopt a new conceptual and strategic approach.

Transport in the Basque Country is also a fundamental element for social and economic development, progress, social equity and improving competitiveness. In this respect, the Basque transport network must serve as a lever for stimulating competitiveness in the Basque social and economic network, becoming an innovative system of reference.

The Basque Government has developed a management model for the Basque airports based on complementarity, including Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastián. One airport, three terminals.

With regards to the tourist industry, a sector with increasingly greater economic weight, it is essential to position the destination within the strategic segments and consolidate it in emerging markets and facilitate long-term economic growth for the tourism industry through development and marketing.

As a sustainable tourist destination, it is equally important to ensure the satisfaction of our visitors and locals, which guarantees us reasonable, responsible and respectful growth, within both environmental and cultural settings. With this in mind, we are strongly committed to sustainability and local policies, including environmental measures, in the design and organisation of the event.

Bilbao is looking forward to welcoming Routes Europe 2018 and all Routes delegates with open arms, and is proud to show its major dedication to quality, sustainability and hospitality.