Routes Europe 2018

The route development forum for Europe

Bilbao, Basque Country
22 – 24 April 2018

Sustainable Commitment

An environmentally sustainable event with the Erronka Garbia certificate

ErronkaThe Basque institutions hosting Routes Europe 2018, as proof of their commitment to continuous environmental improvement, have included a series of measures to improve the environmental aspects most likely to have a negative impact during the organisation and celebration of the event.

This project seeks to raise awareness of the environmental impacts associated with the event, with the aim of having the minimum possible impact on the setting. Therefore, the hosts of Routes Europe 2018 would greatly appreciate the conscious involvement of all stakeholders and attendees, in order to ensure a correct and respectful course of action during the organisation and celebration of the event.

Following the Erronka Garbia certificate, translated in Basque to "Clean Challenge", a series of measures will be implemented at Routes Europe, which will guarantee sustainability. Six focal action points have been established to minimise the environmental effects that occur in each phase of the event:


Routes Europe 2018 will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), close to Bilbao city centre and completely integrated into Bilbao's transport network. A collective transport line will be working during the event and a free travel card will be given to each attendee in order to encourage the use of public transport and therefore reduce greenhouse emissions.


A purchase and consumption plan will be adhered to in order to avoid over-ordering. Moreover, a green procurement policy will be introduced to reduce waste at source.


The Bilbao Exhibition Center, Euskalduna and Azkuna Zentroa have proper saving systems. In the case of the Euskalduna, the water waste is managed correctly through the Bilbao sanitation network. Water consumption will be recorded for data gathering.


The infrastructures and exhibitors will be built following sustainable criteria. All the stakeholders involved in the managing, assembly and dismantling of the exhibitors will follow sustainability guidelines in order to guarantee proper maintenance and resource management.


The energy consumption will be reduced using efficient electronic equipment and making a proper use of electric facilities. Moreover, 100% of the energy used in the Euskaduna is from renewable sources. Energy consumption will be recorded in the three venues for data gathering.


The three venues will be provided with different rubbish bins to guarantee the correct classification of waste materials and to ensure the subsequent waste management.

In order to minimise the potential negative impacts on the environment when preparing and hosting on their stands, exhibitors at Routes Europe are asked to read and follow these simple guidelines wherever possible.