World Routes 2014

The 20th World Route Development Forum

Chicago, Illinois, USA
20 – 23 September 2014

Routes Basics

Where can I collect my diary at the event?

Diaries for all delegates with pre-scheduled meetings can be collected from Diary Advice located in the Networking Village. Follow the hanging banner signage to guide you. Personal diaries are also available through the App, allowing you to keep your meeting schedule on you at all times. The Diary Advice desk also allows delegates to check airline availability and submit extra meeting requests.

How do I request meetings at the event?

If you require any additional meetings then delegates can complete and submit an Extra Meeting Request form, allowing you to tailor your dairy and arrange any further meetings. These forms can be collected and submitted at Diary Advice. Our dedicated “Routes Runners” will then deliver your request directly to the airline and will place the response in your mailbox. Please allow at least 30 minutes for a reply.

What is in the Networking Village?

The Networking Village is the hub of the event and is the base for all delegates throughout the three days of World Routes. The Meeting Halls, Route Exchange Airline Briefings, exhibition stands and lunches will be held in the Networking Village, together with refreshments and seating areas where delegates can meet and relax in an informal environment.

What does the World Routes 2014 conference programme include?

This year’s conference programme promises to offer a range of subjects to suit all attendees. The World Routes Strategy Summit will include panel discussions, keynote speeches and presentations. As with World Routes 2013, the Tourism Summit will offer delegates the opportunity to hear debates from leading industry associations, along with panel discussions and destination briefings and promises to cater for all attendees.

Where can I access the Internet?

Delegates will be able to access the Internet through either the Venice Airport sponsored Wi-Fi or the dedicated Internet Areas located throughout the Networking Village. Wi-Fi access cards will be distributed at Registration.

How do I find the Airline Tables?

The airline tables are located in the Airline Meeting Halls. You can recognise airline delegates by their red badges and you will find the location of the specific airline table by consulting the World Routes App, Delegate Directory and the event signage which is located outside meeting halls.

Can I find out about a particular Airline?

Yes. Further details of every participating airline can be found on the World Routes App, in the directory or on this website in the “Attendee List” section on

What happens if an airline is not at their table?

If an airline is not at their table at the time of a meeting then please consult the Hall Manager, who will know the exact location of the airline and be able to contact them if necessary.

What functionality does the Routes App offer?

The World Routes 2014 Smartphone App is available on Android and iOS and offers complete, up to date information on all key aspects of World Routes, from your own personal final diary to full delegate listings, airline table listings and the event programme to name just a few areas.