World Routes 2017

The 23rd World Route Development Forum

Barcelona, Catalonia
23 – 26 September 2017

Charity Partner

The Travel Foundation works in holiday destinations across the world, using tourism as a means to protect the environment and provide opportunities for local people.

Travel FoundationThe charity has almost 15 years’ experience and has delivered sustainable tourism projects in 26 countries. By bringing together businesses, public sector organisations and communities, they aim to change how tourism works, creating a brighter future for destinations and those who rely on them.

This year, The Travel Foundation aims to make a difference across the world by: 

  • In Turkey, reducing the environmental impacts of boat trips and other coastal tourism on important habitats for turtles and other marine life
  • In South Africa, using tourism to create opportunities for communities living in and around national parks, and to raise funds for conservation
  • In Jamaica, working with a craft market to help increase sales from tourists and improve livelihoods
  • In the Caribbean, providing training for tourism ministries to help them manage the impacts of tourism
  • In Croatia, managing tourism development so that local businesses and youth employment are stimulated
  • In Mexico, beginning a new project to create more sustainable excursions that will support local marine and rainforest conservation and stimulate new community enterprises
  • Understanding how different types of tourism impact on destinations by conducting ground-breaking research

The Travel Foundation is a charity registered in the UK and 93% of its expenditure goes on its charitable activities.

Be part of the conversation at World Routes

The Travel Foundation will share insights and raise important questions in a series of live talks at World Routes, These important conversations will form part of the official programme of the UN’s International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

  • Keynote Panel: Will 2020 be a tipping point for tourism? Is it possible to increase air services and to be sustainable?  
  • Seminar: Get the tourism you want
  • Meetings: Visit the Travel Foundation stand next to Diary Advice, or book a meeting via the On-site Meeting System

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Supporting the Travel Foundation

Anyone involved in tourism can support the Travel Foundation’s mission. The charity is always looking for forward-thinking businesses and destination organisations who can support existing or new ventures. Find out more about supporting the Travel Foundation.

Delegates of World Routes can also support the charity individually, by donating directly to the Travel Foundation.

Donate to the Travel Foundation  Find out more about the Travel Foundation