'I would like to congratulate Routes for the very successful event. World Routes 2013 was well organised, and the Strategy Summit covered many important issues.

I’m so glad that I had the chance to attend, and with the addition of a delegation from our Capital airport and Saudia Airlines also present, made this an extremely productive event

I look forward to joining you at next year's World Routes.' 

Dr.Ali Hassan Alzahrani
Air Transport Advisory and Research Centre For His Highness the president of GACA

'World Routes 2013 was a great event. The show room, conferences and all the details of the program were excellent.  OMA´s team had a very positive experience. Congratulations and thanks for your hospitality and friendship.'

Porfirio González
Grupo OMA

'The World Routes event was extremely useful for me and my organisation. The location exceptional and the Routes Team excellent as always. I will definitely continue to attend the Europe and World events in the future.'

Jeannot Erpelding
Director, Société de Promotion et de Développement de l'Aéroport de Luxembourg sàrl, Luxembourg Airport

'For SPDA and myself, Routes Europe was a very good event: many contacts, good discussions, and some fun. Interestingly some more cargo operators are attending.'

Jeannot Erpelding
Director, Societe de Promotion Developpement
L'aeroport de Luxembourg'

'We have found that exhibiting at World Routes over the last several years has given us prominent brand identity amongst our airline partners and our peer airports.  We are very happy with the visibility and find this a well planned marketing & route development venue.'

Kiran Jain
Associate Vice President
GMR Airports – DEL HYD

'I would say that Routes was absolutely great for our Airport.  The meetings were on time, and all of the airlines keep their promises to meet. I am so glad I was able to attend World Routes this year.  We had 7 meetings with airlines and six invitations to follow up at the airline's headquarters.'

Michael D. Jones
Business Development Manager
Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport